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What's the deal with content marketing anyways?

I asked you what kind of tips and tricks you could use to make an impact in your marketing on Facebook. Especially with content marketing and mobile optimization being the main focus of marketing dollar spend. Question number one was, what is content marketing? So let’s start there.

Sharing Online Content

Quoted from my Facebook reply: “content marketing is creating consistent and relevant material to attract and educate your prospects. This helps you build a relationship with them (and your credibility as an expert), and will ultimately increase your chances of doing business with them”. Examples of content would be blogs, articles, infographics, visuals, case studies, etc.

How does this affect you, the business owner? Let’s say you’ve got a few things that you’re sharing every now and again, whether it’s through newsletters, or social media posts. Maybe we could even say that you’re not really dedicating a lot of time or resources to stay connected to your followers. If you don’t start creating some cool stuff to share, is that going to affect the growth of your business, or your potential revenue? The answer is probably yes. And you can be ok with this or not. But most entrepreneurs dream big, right?

As a result of wanting to drive our business growth, we have to face the fact that our business needs to create original content. If your consumers are online then you need to be too; communicating with them in fun, creative ways. Content marketing just doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Check out this infographic to see what I mean. Investing in this strategy must mean that there is eventually an ROI, right? Definitely. But keep in mind this is a long term strategy. Consumers want to build a relationship with you first. Once they trust you, they're more likely to buy from you. The good news is that it’s never to late to start working on a strategy and developing content that garners mindshare. Where do you start? As always - with a plan. Write down:

  • Your core message - what's your WHY?

  • Business Objectives - what are you trying to achieve?

  • Define your Audience - I'm sure you've heard of creating personas, this is where they come into play!

  • What are the best ways to communicate your message? Article, photo, report, video

  • What are the best mediums for sharing your content?

  • What does success look like to you? Is it increased shares, leads or customer engagement?

(We'll delve a little deeper into the individual components of "the plan" in future posts, but for now let's keep it simple.)

Strategy Session

Creating a plan is not new concept, but have you actually taken the time to write one down and stay true to your goals? These examples of how implementing a content marketing strategy helped increase the market share of six different companies might motivate you to get it on paper. If you need some help getting started let’s meet for a complimentary 30 minute brainstorming session. We’ll do a little digging and get your strategy underway!

There are also a ton of resources on the internet, just search “Content marketing strategy guide”.

Keep the questions coming! Contact me on Facebook at or email at

Until next time,


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