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When you think of marketing what comes to mind - advertising and public relations - social media and newsletter campaigns - a website and a logo? Not sure? Too few businesses realize that successful brands are at the heart of the business. Your brand is what defines you. Not just what it looks and sounds like but what's special about your company and what makes your product worth someone's time. You can't risk hoping that one thing works, or maybe another, and then continue trying new things and never really commit to an idea, never mind taking the step to build a marketing plan. Your business needs to really focus on creative thinking and a strong desire to connect with the people who will make your business or product successful. 


Aim for your customers to think of your brand as something they can trust. People don't choose a product or service based on logic and what's best; they make the decision based on emotion and who they like best. It's about trust and likability. Also, most people educate themselves on products or services they want to buy, while only a small portion of the market is actually ready to buy. So your prospects are already looking for you so they can buy from you! They just don't realize it.


Our job at chaderbäks marketing is to make sure that the right people find you, and you get the chance to show them what you're all about and why YOU are their best choice!


Let's get together and see what's going on in the world of your business. We'll have a fantastic discovery session and share some ideas! Let's figure out where you might need help and take some positive action. So when you think of marketing and all the things that come with it, don't get stuck in "analysis paralysis". Let's take control of your marketing so you can leave your mark! 

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